How to Improve Etsy SEO | A Complete Etsy SEO Guide

Etsy SEO

As the marketplace becomes competitive with time, it has become essential to make yourself stand apart from the crowd. One way to cut through the noise that prevails in the market is to invest in Etsy SEO.

The time to catch up with the waves of trends and emerge victorious is now. With Etsy SEO, you can very well do so.

Etsy SEO helps increase the visibility of your Etsy shop on search engines like Google search or Etsy’s search algorithm. Search engines are constantly evolving, and the way people run their search is consistently varying. Hence Etsy SEO has become even more crucial.

With a basic understanding of how Etsy SEO functions, you can optimise your business to the next level and reach a larger audience!

Let’s see how Etsy search works and improve SEO on Etsy with some handy tips!

The Process of Etsy Search

Etsy search is a quick and effective way to introduce Etsy shoppers to the product listings of their choice. In simpler terms, the process of purchase becomes effortless with Etsy search.

This process is divided into two prime stages. One is query matching, and another is ranking. Here’s a quick explanation to clear up the air about it.

  • Query Matching: When potential buyers make specific search queries, Etsy scans the existing Etsy listings to find the exact match in its directory.
  • Ranking: Now, when the exact query is matched and found from the existing listings, it’s ranked in a specific order. This order is determined through these eight Etsy SEO ranking factors.


The more relevant the listing, the higher it will rank. So, the attributes, tag, title, and categories of a specific listing should match the user’s search query for a higher listing. Exact and relevant keywords are likely to do better!

Recent Listings

Etsy boosts the search of a recently made listing for a particular period. It is done to ascertain the quality of the listing.

Shipping Price

The shipping price is of great value for any buyer. It can both sway them to buy the product or leave it altogether. The Etsy platform usually prefers Etsy sellers that offer free shipping to customers.

Listing Quality Score

Etsy determines the worth of a listing by the number of views and purchases it has attained, called the quality score. So, if a listing is interesting enough to garner proper attention, it will be further pushed to the top.

Customer and Market Experience Score

This is determined by the quality of customer reviews and the number of negative feedback received. Additionally, the ‘About’ section of the Etsy store also counts.


The world is tied together closely with the internet. People from anywhere around the globe can access Etsy today. So, sellers must provide the listing title and other details in multiple languages.

Store Location

The store location is not that vital anymore. However, the store’s address info is essential for Canada, the EU, and Australia since the local listings are ranked higher.

Shopper Habits

Search results are often customised for each shopper. So, Etsy analytics determines what the consumer wants and shows a similar listing to match their requirements.

Etsy also utilises the technology of context-specific ranking (CSR) to rate listings accordingly. Etsy analyses past customer searches to determine the overall preference of the buyer. Based on this preference, such listings are displayed which have a better chance of performing.

Now that you understand the primary search function of Etsy, the following Etsy SEO tips will help your online store flourish!

Tips on How to Improve SEO on Etsy

Etsy first kickstarted its business in 2005. By 2021, this online marketplace grew manifolds! Etsy now has 86.53 million buyers and over 4.1 million active sellers!

It has become more critical than ever to improve Etsy SEO for more sales and better results with such growing numbers.

Here are seven Etsy shop’s SEO tips and tricks to help increase search engine confidence in your Etsy listing.

Keyword Research

For any listing to do impressively well, the presence of keywords is of prime significance. Keywords help catch the buyers’ attention and help improve search engine optimization of such listings.

So, the first thing is to make sure that your keywords are as close to the exact term that a prospective buyer may be searching for. Use an exact phrase instead of individual words. For example, if a user searches for adult swimwear, use ‘adult swimwear’ as the keyword and not ‘adult’ and ‘swimwear’ as different keywords.

If the keyword is in both the title and the tag, it will likely be higher in search results.

It’s also essential that the best keywords are present in the listing page’s first few words and elements.

  • Product Title: The first few words of the item title must clearly describe the product and include the keyword. Buyers most often search this keyword.
  • Product Description: The first 160 characters must be dedicated to creating the meta description of the shop and product. That is what will be noticed after the product title. Even though the description may be longer than 160 characters, the first 40 characters must contain a primary keyword.
  • Shop Sections: Create about 20 custom pages for your shop. These custom pages should have their landing pages and titles, making them easy to search. The page title of each section is what a buyer will see in the search engine, based on which they might click on the link.

The next important thing is to do your own Etsy keyword research. You know where each keyword must go, but do you know which is more effective than others?

Search terms on Etsy to see what results you get. It will help you determine the competitive keywords and the traffic it receives.

Next, use longtail keywords or specific terms to boost the listing since a user searching for something particular may find your helpful listing.

Another way to find good keywords for your listings is to depend on the physical attributes of an item. Add occasions, style, and solutions to your keywords. For example, if someone’s looking for something fancy (style) for an anniversary gift (occasion), add those specific keywords!

Most people also rely on SEO tools such as Google Keyword Planner, which can assist Etsy sellers in finding relevant keywords for their Etsy shops.

Don’t Reuse Keywords

Etsy uses the method of de-clumping to ensure that a variety of stores are displayed on the search bar. The Etsy algorithm only prompts one or two listings from each Etsy seller. Thus, it’s crucial that the listing is similar to what the user is searching for.

So, if you use the same primary keyword in multiple listings, you become your competitor. Please do not use the same keyword in every listing. Change it slightly so that it can be displayed in different search results!

Use the Tags

Creating a listing on Etsy will prompt you to fill in all the necessary information about the product. This information will be displayed in the search result and be noticed by buyers.

Etsy SEO

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Besides that, there is an option to fill the tags. Although it’s unnecessary to fill, it still helps improve your Etsy SEO. To better optimise the listing, fill in all 13 tags if possible.

Image Source

One way to do so is to analyse all the synonyms that a prospective buyer may be looking for. Also, keep the buyer’s region in mind because that may influence what he might be searching for. If possible, make use of all the long-tail keywords.

Here are some more things to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use a similar tag. Offer a variety. For example, if you are selling animal art prints, mention ‘animal photo decor’ and ‘lion print’ for more views and sales.
  • Do not use your product’s attributes in your tags. Since the description already has specific details about the product, repeating it in tags is not essential.
  • Tags that have misspellings do not work well. These queries are redirected and serve no purpose.
  • Do not add the same tags in different languages. Etsy has an inbuilt translation feature, so all the tags will be available in foreign languages as it is.

Update Your Listings

Recency is an excellent factor that impacts the performance of your listing.

When a listing is new, Etsy promotes and boosts it for quite some time. It helps the platform gauge customer engagement, which indicates the quality of the listing.

Similarly, when you renew and re-list an old listing, Etsy boosts it on the search page. But, do not do it regularly, or it loses its effectiveness.

Renewing the listing at a specific time can offer competitive results. For example, updating your listing during peak hours when most Etsy users are on the site will be better than updating the listing during a Monday morning.

Advertise Your Etsy Store

One of the most effective ways to rank higher on the search engines is to advertise your Etsy shop everywhere. Here are a few ways to do so:

  • Share the product listings from your Etsy store on social media accounts. For example, please share the listings on Pinterest, where re-sharing is relatively easy and quick.
  • Request influencers to review your products and use the inbound links of your listing on their blogs and websites.
  • Cross-promotion with other Etsy sellers and discussing the Etsy SEO strategy with them might also offer excellent results.
  • For a cost-effective option, choose affiliate marketing over proper advertising. An affiliate program for your store will help you collaborate with industry team players who can then effectively promote your products.

Impactful Shop Title

An appropriate title of the shop is of crucial importance. This title is the first text that any prospective buyer may come across. So, it must reflect what the store is all about or the products you deal with.

If your name has become a famous brand in itself, you can use it as your shop title. This will help customers locate your shop quickly!

Quality Customer Experience

In this day and age, customer experience can turn Etsy shops into a huge success or a massive failure. The more quality customer experience you aim to offer, the higher your store’s chance to perform better.

If your store has excellent records with customers, your listings will automatically be ranked better.

The essential requirement is to fill in all the required details about the shop sections. It includes information regarding privacy, payment details, and return and exchange sections.

If all these shop sections are complete, there is more chance for the listing to be ranked higher.

Additionally, the level of customer service must also be top-notch. Responding to the customer queries promptly, soothing away their negative feedback, and promptly processing the return and exchange can also improve search engine results.

Plus, mention if your store offers free shipping since that also catches tons of attention.

On the other hand, if there is an intellectual property infringement or growing disagreements with buyers, the result may be unfavourable.

Wrapping Up

The Etsy industry is as competitive as it gets, which is why it’s vital to stay at the top of your game. Whether you have a new Etsy account or a professional seller, use the Etsy SEO tips mentioned above for consistent traffic.

Run thorough keyword research and use focus keywords, but do not overdo it. Create a memorable shop title. Use all 13 tags. Update your listings once in a while. Advertise it wherever possible. And always aim to provide an excellent customer experience.

This is what will set you apart from other websites!

Become an Etsy legend simply by making the best of this Etsy SEO strategy!

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