Are Web 2.0’s Good For Getting Backlinks? | The Do’s And Don’ts


I am often asked whether web 2.0’s remain a good way to obtain backlinks for your website?

Web 2.0 link building was a way in which website owners could essentially spam links of little relevance and quality to their money site and it would directly help them rank in Google.

In this article, we will look at web 2.0’s in detail and whether or not they still remain a good way to build links to your website.

What is a Web 2.0?

  1. What is a Web 2.0?
  2. What is Web 2.0 link building?
  3. Are Web 2.0 backlinks safe?
  4. What are the benefits of Web 2.0 backlinks?
    1. Links from high authority domains
    2. Build links in volume
  5. Do Web 2.0 backlinks pass page authority?
  6. How to build web 2.0 backlinks?
    1. Create an email address
    2. Sign up to blogging platform
    3. Create your content
  7. Conclusion

Web 2.0, a term used to describe websites and applications that allow anyone to create online information or material they have created themselves.

Web 2.0’s are essentially platforms that allow anyone on the internet to share information and it is something that in the past, was used as a way to build links.

Some of the main examples of web 2.0’s include:

  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube
  • Flickr
  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • Tumblr
  • Classified sites
  • Quora
  • Google Docs

Create an email address

You will need to create a default email address that you will use to sign up to the web 2.0 website.

Sign up to blogging platform

You will need to sign in to which of the platforms you decide to use for your web 2.0. Whether that is Blogspot or Medium, you can sign up and then create the URL you will use for your web 2.0. Depending on the keyword you are wishing you target, you should definitely use this in your URL structure.

If you are creating a web 2.0 in the pet niche, for instance, you will want to use URL’s like:

Here are how some of your web 2.0 URLs should look:


You want to avoid being too exact with the keywords you use to match your Web 2.0 to but ensure to try and get a keyword or at least a relevant one in there.

Create your content

You then want to generate 5-10 posts that you can use to link back to your site or any of your other links. This content you will want to research and do a bit of planning but if you are building these links at a tier 2 or 3 levels, then it doesn’t need to be perfect. 5-10 1000 word articles will help add some content to the site. Also, try and add a homepage, about and contact page that will help your site link and look fairly natural.


To conclude, are web 2.0’s good for getting backlinks. I believe that they can still be a useful way of obtaining backlinks so long as they are built in the right way.

You should avoid building them directly to your money site if possible but certainly, they can be a great way to quickly build links.

This should not be the single link building strategy that you use and there are many other effective SEO strategies you can utilize. However, web 2.0’s can still be effective if they are planned in the right way.

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