Are PBN Backlinks Bad? | What You Need To Know

I often get asked whether PBN backlinks are bad and how much impact they can have on a websites backlink profile.

Backlinks, along with your content, are two of the key factors when it comes to ranking your web pages in Google.

In this article, we will talk specifically about PBN backlinks and whether they are a bad thing as a part of your link building strategy.

What is a PBN backlink

PBN links are essentially unnatural links that are coming from websites (or link farms) designed only for the sole purpose of linking to other sites.

You can often spot a PBN very easily and it is important to be aware of what to look out for when building backlinks.

In terms of how to identify a PBN, the telltale signs are often as follows:

  • No contact information
  • Blog content covering a broad range of topics
  • No identity or photos of people on the website
  • A disproportionate ratio of outgoing links compared to incoming links

Using PBN’s as a primary link building tactic is something that is frowned upon and the discussion as to whether PBN backlinks are good or bad continues.

google disavow tool


To summarise, PBN links are not necessarily a bad thing if you are building directly from a website that is relevant and looks fairly natural.

However, to rely on this as your only link building strategy is something that you need to avoid and having a more rounded approach to your SEO will benefit you far more in the long term.

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