Are PBN Backlinks Good? What You Need To Know About PBN Links

PBN backlinks are links built from a group of connected websites and blogs.

PBN’s have been used as a black hat link building technique in the past and is a topic that is frowned upon in the world of SEO

In this article, we will discuss what PBN backlinks are and whether they are still good or bad to use in 2021.

What is a PBN?

  1. What is a PBN?
  2. What are PBN backlinks?
  3. Do PBNs still work in 2021?
  4. Why do people build PBN links?
    1. Are PBN backlinks good or bad?
  5. Can you rank a website using PBN links?
  6. Need link building advice?

Private Blog Networks are hyperlinks constructed from a network of connected sites and blogs. The hyperlinks are built from sites and blogs in the same private network, which can be owned by one person.

What is a PBN backlink

PBNs are often built using expired domains.

These outdated websites that once hosted content had links and rankings in the eyes of Google are used as a way to create a network of links that pass authority to a website.

By building basic content on expired domains and using a web archive, you can quickly recreate web pages and use their historical domain authority to pass onto your website via a link.

PBN website example

In order to identify a PBN backlink, you need to take into account many factors, including:

  • The appearance of the site – a lot of PBN websites look spammy and will often have no clear contact information or business address. The content will be thin and will have no real business identity. Remember that if you are building links directly to your money site, you want these to be from real, relevant websites.
  • An imbalance of incoming and outgoing links – if you see that they have around 200 referring domains but then have 50,000 outgoing links to other websites, chances are this is a spammy website that is serving no other purpose but to provide a link to a website.
  • No clear content outline – the content may be random and not really have a focus on the website. Look at the other articles to make sure that what they are talking about is relevant and looks readable.

Do PBNs still work in 2021?

When it comes to private blog networks, the discussion of whether they still work or not remains somewhat of an unknown.

In order to build a PBN that leaves no trace of building it, has quality content and the general running of the website can become costly.

Whilst link building is still a very important aspect of SEO, if its mismanaged and looks unnatural, then this will eventually catch up with your website ranking efforts.

This is also not to mention what goes into finding an expired domain that has a clean link profile. Finding an expired domain that is relevant and has a natural-looking backlink profile and has good authority comes at a price.

Linking an expired domain that looks spammy directly to your money site can be a very risky tactic and is something that you should try to avoid where you can.

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