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How much money can you really make with SEO? Looking to find a profitable way to start your own business?

I am often asked about how good SEO is as an industry and whether it is possible to make money through offering SEO services.

In this article, we will look at how you can start making money with SEO and whether online businesses can benefit from search engine optimisation and make money through organic traffic.

SEO Training

SEO is a skill that is in significant demand and learning the process of optimising and ranking a webpage is a skill that can take you and your business a very long way.

Understanding the complexities of SEO takes years of practice and experience hence why it is such a sought after skill. There are many moving parts when it comes to optimising a website’s performance for search engines but it can be very financially rewarding both for businesses and if you are looking to offer it out as a skill.

How much can you make with SEO?

I am going to discuss this topic both as a freelancer and if you are a business that is looking to invest in SEO to increase your organic presence.


As a freelance SEO

As a freelance SEO, your earning potential is unlimited and really depends on how much you charge and how many hours you can put away into client activity.

Depending on your level of experience, what you charge a client is likely to differ. It will also very much depend on how you charge for work and whether you are charging an hourly rate or a fixed monthly fee.

It really comes down to what your clients can afford and depend on the size of the business and the work required to drive results for their business.

Your monthly earnings per client can range from £500 per month to £50,000 per month but again, depends on the nature of the industry and your level of expertise.

Working for an agency

Working for an SEO agency can also be extremely rewarding. You can learn on the job from experts around you and not have to worry about the costs that go with running a business.

Whilst you may not necessarily earn as much as you would as a freelance or owning your own agency, you can gain extensive experience and earn money whilst doing so.

The average SEO executive in the UK will earn between £25,000-£35,000 again depending on experience.

The value of SEO for a business

SEO and organic traffic for online businesses still remain the #1 source for generating work.

The majority of web users will choose to click on a Google organic listing rather than a paid listing. This obviously depends on the nature of the industry but generally, SEO is still a priority in any online businesses web strategy.

Good SEO can lead to evergreen calls and sales if you are able to get in a good position on Google for the right kinds of phrases. SEO is priceless for any online business.

Can you learn SEO on your own?

You can certainly begin to learn SEO on your own but going out there and getting real-life agency experience will ensure that you are able to gain knowledge by working on real business websites.

There are a number of courses and resources out there that can get you started if you are a beginner. Here are some of the SEO resources I recommend:

Is SEO difficult to learn?

SEO is certainly not an easy skill that you learn overnight and you definitely need to compound experience in order to really understand what moves the ranking needle. In order to improve your SEO knowledge if you are a complete novice, I recommend you go through as many guides and courses as possible and then try and get some real business experience. Whether that is reaching out to people within the SEO industry, joining the various Facebook groups available or even going out and trying to win clients. There are a number of ways in which you can start to build your knowledge and compound your SEO skills to begin to make some money.

How to make money through SEO?

There are a number of ways in which you can start making money online through SEO services.

Some of the areas you can explore include:

Content writing services

Content writing is a great way to offer your services to both SEO professionals and real businesses. Writing content is not easy and being able to write well is a skill that is certainly in high demand.

make an SEO audit report

Technical SEO

If you are interested in the more technical side of optimising websites and the more “under the hood” work involved in search engine optimization, then technical SEO may be the area you want to focus on. This involves understanding how to create websites that perform better and create a good user experience for both Google and for customers landing on websites.

what is a backlink

Creating a blog

You could also start a blog and begin to put out useful information that will help your readers understand SEO a bit more. There are a huge array of topics that you can talk about and provide knowledge on that will encourage more readers to your site. Blog sites also create the opportunity to build affiliate links and promote other services where you can gain profit from visitors on your website going through and clicking those links.


To summarise, SEO is certainly an industry where there is a lot of earning potential and knowledge to be gained. Whether you are looking to get into freelance work or even look for a job within the industry, there are significant opportunities within the world of SEO.

For beginners, be sure to digest as many online courses and guides as you can and this will set you on your way to understanding a bit more about how the industry works and how you can monetize your services.

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