Are GoDaddy Websites Good For SEO in 2021? | The Do’s and Don’ts


GoDaddy is one of the more popular website builders for people looking to get started in the online space.

Whilst GoDaddy is great for people looking to get started with a website, I often get asked whether it is beneficial or not for search engine optimisation.

In this article, we are going to look at GoDaddy as a platform and find out whether or not it is good for SEO and how it can impact your websites search engine visibility.

What is GoDaddy SEO?

  1. What is GoDaddy SEO?
  2. Why do people use GoDaddy websites?
  3. Is a GoDaddy website good for SEO?
    1. How do I SEO my website on GoDaddy?
    2. Is SEO free on GoDaddy?
  4. How do I get my GoDaddy website on Google?
    1. Connect GoDaddy website to Google My Business
    2. Connect GoDaddy website to Google Search Console
  5. How do I maximize SEO on GoDaddy?
  6. Need SEO advice for your GoDaddy website?

When talking about GoDaddy SEO, you have two options – either using their managed service or using your own SEO experience to implement any changes or strategies you see fit.

GoDaddy SEO services have had mixed reviews in terms of the value you get from the service.

Godaddy website builder

With the GoDaddy Search Engine Optimization service, you can get feedback on what keywords and phrases are most likely to rank your site in search engines.

In terms of how impactful this is when it comes to moving the needle on rankings, keyword research and making changes to content is just the start of what is needed to rank a website in Google.

Why do people use GoDaddy websites?

For someone that is looking to get started with a website right away, GoDaddy can be a great solution with its accessible pricing and easy to use platform.

Some of the main features of a GoDaddy website include:

  • All in one management solution – you can monitor your analytics, social media and website all in one easy to digest platform.
  • Responsive design – the GoDaddy website templates make it very easy to create a mobile responsive website which helps save time and allows you to get your site live much quicker.
  • Customizable themes – you get a degree of design flexibility with GoDaddy and their customisable themes that can help your website stand out.

The main reason for people using GoDaddy is a lot to do with their easy to customise themes and the speed at which you can get a website live.

But how good are GoDaddy websites when it comes to SEO and can you rank solely with a GoDaddy website?

Is a GoDaddy website good for SEO?

In terms of how well you can optimise a GoDaddy website, you are slightly restricted when it comes to changing designs and content.

Within GoDaddy’s page builder, there is an inbuilt wizard that provides recommendations and lets you make basic changes.

Godaddy SEO Wizard

However, in terms of how much value this tool provides your website with is unclear. It can generate titles but are quite outdated in terms of the quality of these titles. You can also insert keywords into your content but again is another fairly outdated concept within SEO.

Ultimately, you should still carry out the same level of research you would if you were building your site on another platform.

How do I SEO my website on GoDaddy?

In terms of implementing SEO changes to a GoDaddy website, it should apply no differently to how you would implement SEO on a website using another builder.

Godaddy SEO recommendations

The SEO wizard will give you surface-level changes that may not necessarily move the needle. It will provide things like keyword changes, title changes and basic level optimisation recommendations.

However, these recommendations are just a few of the many things that you need to get right in order to optimise your pages.

Is SEO free on GoDaddy?

The SEO wizard that GoDaddy provides comes with its standard package which starts at £7.99 per month. In order to change the metadata on your website, you will need this feature in order to change the metadata in the front end.

However, you can manually change your metadata in the source code of your website, meaning that you may not necessarily need the SEO wizard feature.

SEO is never completely free when you account for the time and investment you need to spend on content, link building and everything else that comes with creating a website and ranking it in Google.

How do I get my GoDaddy website on Google?

To make your GoDaddy website visible on Google, you can do this within the GoDaddy search engine optimisation dashboard. In order to do this you need to follow these steps:

Connect GoDaddy website to Google My Business

  1. Go to your GoDaddy product page
  2. Scroll to Online Marketing and select Manage next to your site.
  3. From your dashboard, select Social > Google My Business.
  4. Select Connect.
  5. If you already have a Google My Business listing, select Connect a Listing and follow the prompts.
  6. If you are creating a new listing, select Create Listing and follow the prompts.

Connect GoDaddy website to Google Search Console

  1. Add a property in your Google Search Console account
  2. Select GoDaddy registrar as domain name provider
  3. Log in to GoDaddy from Search Console
  4. Grant permission for accessing data
  5. Confirm the verification
  6. View successfully verified message

How do I maximize SEO on GoDaddy?

To maximise your SEO opportunities for a GoDaddy website, the best thing you can do is ensure that you have a well thought out keyword strategy and have a plan in terms of the URL and navigation strategy of your website.

Create site navigation in Godaddy

Your keyword strategy and planning of site structure will then allow you to create the pages needed to build the relevance you need to create around a particular topic or cluster of phrases.

Creating good content using tools like SurferSEO will ensure that your content is focused on the keywords you wish to target.

Doing the right things in terms of your on-page and content strategy will stand you in a good place when it comes to giving you the best opportunity to rank for a particular phrase.

Need SEO advice for your GoDaddy website?

In summary, are GoDaddy sites good for SEO? I believe that any website has the potential to perform well on Google with the right planning and research.

You may find yourself a bit more restricted in terms of your design flexibility compared to using a builder like WordPress where you have full design control.

You should ultimately decide on your website builder depending on what it is you are trying to achieve. But certainly, a GoDaddy website can have just as much ranking potential as the next website.

If you own a GoDaddy website and need support on your SEO strategy, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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