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semrush traffic analytics

If you’re looking to analyse your competitor’s website traffic and performance, you need a tool like SEMrush Traffic Analytics.

This powerful tool offers in-depth insights into your competitor’s organic and paid search traffic, as well as top-performing pages and keywords.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the basics of using SEMrush and show you how to get the most out of their tool.

What is SEMrush Traffic Analytics?

  1. What is SEMrush Traffic Analytics?
  2. What is included with Traffic Analytics?
    1. Traffic Analytics Overview Report
    2. Audience Insights Report
    3. Traffic Journey Report
    4. Top Pages Report
    5. Subdomains Report
    6. Geographic Distribution Report
    7. Bulk Analysis
    8. Creating a Custom Traffic Analytics PDF Report
  3. How does SEMrush calculate website traffic?
  4. Where does SEMrush get its data from?
  5. How accurate is Semrush traffic data?
  6. Conclusion

SEMrush Traffic Analytics is a tool that comes as part of your SEMrush subscription. It is a “market intelligence” tool that allows users to analyse the competitive landscape of a niche and evaluate the volume of traffic going to websites ranking in those niches.

It is an excellent tool that can play a very important role in the strategic planning and analysis required to execute a successful marketing campaign.

Some of the key features of Traffic Analytics include:

  • Traffic estimates of websites
  • Number of visits to a website every month
  • Traffic by location
  • Most visited pages based on ranking data and backlinks
  • Traffic by device
  • Domain comparison
semrush traffic analytics

What is included with Traffic Analytics?

There are a number of useful tools and reports that come with the Traffic Analytics tool from SEMrush, which we have also covered in our comprehensive SEMrush review. It provides some really useful insights that enable website owners to carry out comprehensive research on their own websites as well as their competitors. 

Traffic Analytics Overview Report

The Traffic Analytics Overview Report allows users to collect website data and compare between up to 5 websites at a time. This allows you to make comparisons between websites and understand what it is your competition is doing to rank for the keywords you are looking to target. This feature is available in the basic SEMrush pricing package.

Audience Insights Report

SEMrush Audience Insights Report allows users to compare the audiences of websites within a particular niche. This feature means that you can compare audiences and find out how many people there are within your niche and what potential there is to get in front of them.

semrush dashboard

Traffic Journey Report

The Traffic Journey Report is a feature that enables users to understand where their competitors have come from and what journey a user goes on when visiting a competitor’s website. This again is another extremely useful feature as it enables you to paint a picture of how a potential customer may interact with a brand like yours.

Top Pages Report

Top Pages Report allows users to explore the top pages of their competitors’ websites based on the organic ranking and the estimated traffic for that particular page. This provides insight on what pages are performing best and can form part of your research as to why those pages are ranking so well.

semrush backlink analysis

Subdomains Report

The Organic Research Subdomains Report allows you to see the organic traffic for a particular subdomain and the keywords that contribute to that subdomain ranking. This is another great feature that can help inform your digital marketing research.

semrush business ppc research

Geographic Distribution Report

The Geographic Distribution Report enables users to identify the countries and regions where a website gets its most visitors. Again, this is a great way to understand a niche and find out which of the regions does best based on the pages of your competitors that rank.

Bulk Analysis

SEMrush Bulk Analysis is a great way to analyse a number of links in mass. If you have been looking at your competitors and identifying potential backlink opportunities, the bulk analysis feature is a great way to look at a number of websites quickly and in-depth.

Creating a Custom Traffic Analytics PDF Report

The Traffic Analytics Tool allows you to export all of your traffic data into an easy-to-digest PDF that you can provide to your internal teams or clients. This gives you a visual breakdown of the data presented in SEMrush and is another great way to find insights.

How does SEMrush calculate website traffic?

SEMrush calculates website traffic by multiplying the estimated CTR (click-through rate) based on the position of a page by the estimated monthly search volume. This gives an estimate of the monthly traffic and when divided by 30, gives the estimated daily traffic for a particular page or website.

Where does SEMrush get its data from?

SEMrush gets its data from machine learning algorithms and trusted data providers that give users the most accurate data possible. SEMrush is dedicated to providing the most accurate data possible to ensure that it continues to be one of the leading data sources and marketing tools for its customers.

How accurate is Semrush traffic data?

SEMrush traffic data is fairly accurate with the database being updated on a weekly basis. This means that the ranking data, keyword data and website data are relatively fresh and means you can make informed decisions that are reasonably accurate.


SEMrush Traffic Analytics is an excellent feature that comes as part of the SEMrush toolbox. From personal experience, it provides some of the most accurate website data available from the best free and paid SEO tools out there.

Carrying out an effective competitor and market research is vital if you are to fully understand your niche and what helps particular websites rank within a niche. Traffic Analytics gives you all of the competitor insights that you cannot get from the free tools that are available.

If you are interested in finding out more about SEMrush and the features it has to offer, take advantage of the 14-day free trial from SEMrush to test the tool and its features.

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