SEMrush Pricing 2022: Which is the right package for you?

semrush pricing

If you’re looking for an SEO tool with all the features and data you need, SEMrush is a great option.

Whether you are an experienced SEO or just getting started, SEMrush can provide great insights and give you what you need to make informed marketing decisions.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the SEMrush pricing structure for 2022 and help you decide which package is best suited to your needs.

what is semrush

The insights generated by SEMrush can be used to make informed decisions about your online marketing efforts in services such as keyword research or competitive analysis for any industry type.

SEMrush offers three main pricing plans and depending on what you require from your SEO tool, there are different features available with your monthly fee.

How much does SEMrush cost?

SEMrush offers three main pricing plans for its customers. The three main plans are as follows:

  • SEMrush Pro$99.95 per month
  • SEMrush Guru$191.62 per month
  • SEMrush Business$374.95 per month

All three main plans are recurring subscriptions which means that it renews on the same day of every month for customers.

If you pay annually, a 16.7% discount is applied to each plan; and a free trial lets you try most features out before you commit to a subscription to one of the SEMrush plans. You can try a 30 day trial of the tool right here.

semush pricing plans

SEMrush Pricing: Plans, prices and key features

Depending on what it is you need for your SEO tool, whether you are running a single website or running an agency and are managing multiple client websites, SEMrush has different pricing plans depending on what it is you need from the tool.

SEMrush Pro Plan

The “Pro” plan from SEMrush is the basic level offering to get started with the tool. Some of the basic features that are available to users on this plan include:

Domain Analytics

The domain analytics feature which is available in the Pro version of SEMrush allows you to see how authoritative a domain is.

Whether that be your own domain or one of your competitors, SEMrush provides metrics based on domain age, backlink profile and content coverage.

semrush domain analysis
semrush backlink analysis

Keyword research tools

The keyword research feature provides users with keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty metrics and visibility on what your competitors are ranking for.

This is a very useful feature that can help build your keyword research strategy and content ideas for building pages you wish to have on your own website.

semrush backlink analysis

Site audit

The site audit feature is also available in the Pro version of SEMrush. This allows users to dive into the technical aspects of their website.

It will highlight things such as site performance, title structure and keyword opportunities that will help give you the best chance to rank for the phrases you wish to target.

semrush site audit

On-page SEO checker

Assess the content within your website and find opportunities where your pages may be under or over-optimised for phrases.

This will highlight missing titles and keyword opportunities that you can implement on certain pages of your website to help improve the on-page experience for customers as well as help Google to better understand what it is your page is offering.

Additional SEMrush Pro Features

  • The SEMrush Pro plan offers 3,000 reports per day, whether that be across keywords or domain research.
  • Keyword metrics are limited to 250 refreshes per month to allow you to see the latest data on particular keywords.
  • In terms of keyword tracking, you can monitor 500 keywords with the rank tracker tool.
  • For managing projects, which allows you to add them to your SEMrush dashboard and connect them to Google Search Console, the Pro plan limits you to 5 projects. Within these projects is where you can apply the rank tracker and monitor the progress of your keywords.

SEMrush Guru Plan

The “Guru” plan from SEMrush is the mid-level offering for SEOs requiring visibility on more websites and keywords.

The key difference between this plan and the ‘Pro’ plan involves the SEMrush “content marketing platform.

In terms of the features available within the content marketing platform, it allows you to:

Find content topics

You can find content opportunities and topics to talk about within your website that your competitors may be using within their site. If you need content inspiration, then this feature is excellent in terms of what it can do for your content strategy.

semrush guru content ideas

Review the SEO potential of your existing content

The tool also allows you to look at how well optimised your current content or the content that you are working on is. This will allow you to see whether or not there is organic search potential with your content as well as see whether there are other topics you can talk about to help increase the relevance of that particular piece of content.

Measure the impact of your content

The content marketing platform available in the Guru plan allows you to track the effectiveness of your content. It will allow you to see the increases or decreases in search position based on your changes and give you visibility on how much impact your work has had.

semrush guru content marketing strategy

Additional SEMrush Guru Features

  • The guru plan provides Google Data Studio integration which enables users to connect reports and gives you the ability to customise and visualise your data into a more digestible format, whether that be for clients or for your own personal use.
  • The keyword research tool available in the Guru plan unlocks historical data. This means that you can see the change in positions for your own site and your competitors and how much more competitive a keyword has become over the years.
  • You also get more domain reports per day, 15 projects as a pose to 5 on the Pro plan, more keywords to track at 1500 and more pages to crawl in the Guru plan.

SEMrush Business Plan

The “Business” plan from SEMrush is the highest level package for business owners that require even more visibility on the search results and more keywords to monitor.

If you have a large number of clients, then this plan is certainly more suitable as it allows you to add up to 40 projects at once, providing far greater visibility than the Pro and Guru plan.

It does cost $449.95 per month which is a considerable investment but certainly one that is worth it if you have a lot of clients that you need to keep tabs on.

Some of the features that are available to users on this premium plan include:

Enhanced PPC Keyword Research

As part of the Business plan from SEMrush, it offers an excellent tool for Google Ads. The Product listing ads research allows users to analyse the performance of a competitor’s Google Search and Shopping ads campaigns. It means you can gather useful insights such as keywords, ad copy and what they are spending on their campaigns. This is one of the more powerful PPC tools that I highly recommend.

semrush business ppc research

API Access

SEMrush Business Plan also allows you to connect third-party applications via the SEMrush API. This useful feature will allow you to connect your SEMrush data to any other third party tools that you may be using as part of your SEO strategy.

semrush business api access

Additional SEMrush Business Features

  • The Business plan is pretty much unlimited in terms of what it can offer you in comparison to the Pro and Business plan. The taps are open in terms of how much data you can track and will provide a complete suite that allows full control over your client’s SEO campaigns.
  • You can also track 5000 keywords and run 10,000 queries per day as well as the ability to crawl 1,000,000 pages per month.

SEMrush Add-ons

Whilst all of the plans that are available in SEMrush are great, there are also add-ons available that allow you to power up the package that you are on.

This is an excellent feature from SEMrush as it allows different business types to add bolt-ons that are more relevant for them, depending on what they are looking to get out of the tool.

semrush trends

Local SEO Add-on

Another great add-on that is available with SEMrush is the “Local SEO add-ons”. There are two available which are the “Basic Location” and “Premium Location” add-ons that cost $20 and $40 respectively.

These tools are great for local business owners or agency owners that have local clients and need the ability to analyse a particular local niche.

The features of the Local SEO add-on allow you to:

  • Get listed on local directories and share your business information on these platforms.
  • Monitor local rankings.
  • Manage your Google My Business and Facebook listings, having full visibility on your posts and customer reviews.
  • Suppress any duplicate business listings that may be live.

The premium version provides a “local heatmap” which shows you how visible you are in certain areas, depending on what a customer is using to search for your business. The local SEO add ons are a great feature and provide some great competitive intelligence in terms of your local space.

Agency Growth Kit

The agency growth kit is another useful add-on provided by SEMrush that enables users to produce PDF reports without any SEMrush branding. They are fully customisable and allow you to essentially white-label your reporting.

This is great if you are looking for a reliable solution to help report the impact of your work and can be branded in a way that is synonymous with your business.

How do I get SEMrush Pro for free?

Semrush offers a free trial so you can see if it’s right for your needs. When you sign up for Semrush, they offer a 7-day free trial of either the Pro or Guru subscription to allow users to test out the functionality of the tool.

If your trial ends, then you can actually downgrade to the free version of the tool if you are still deciding on whether SEMrush is right for you. The trial will give you limited access to the SEMrush platform as well as the other tools such as the social media and PPC tools.

For marketing agencies that are looking to test the tool out, read our SEMrush reviews and see how it can benefit their clients, the free trial is a great way to see how it compares to other SEO tools that are available to you.

Does SEMrush have a free version?

SEMrush does offer a free plan if you finish your trial and still testing the waters in terms of what the tool has to offer and how it can help your business.

The free version of SEMrush is available with limited features but is still a good way to see how it works and understand the interface a bit better.

Some of the limited features that are available with the SEMrush free plan include:

Domain and Keyword Analytics

You can perform 10 searches a day in the domain analytics and keyword analytics features within SEMrush. If you want to find out information on competing domains within the niche you are interested in or get keyword data, then the free version of SEMrush will allow you to do so.

If you are just testing out the software, it is a good way to see how much data you get access to. With the paid versions of SEMrush, you get the following:

Pro – 3,000 domain and keyword searches

Guru – 5,000 domain and keyword searches

Business – 10,000 domain and keyword searches

Keyword Magic Tool

The keyword magic tool also offers limited availability with the free version of SEMrush. You again get 10 searches per month with this tool.

You cannot save your searches however with the free version but it does allow you to test out the feature. You can do up to 50,000 searches with each of the paid versions of SEMrush.

semrush keyword magic tool

Is SEMrush worth the money?

I believe that SEMrush is 100% worth the money and investment. Whilst it may not be the cheapest of SEO tool available, the insights and tools that you have at your disposal are extremely useful in terms of implementing into your SEO strategy.

I think that not only is it great for SEO reasons but the social media marketing, paid search and keyword ideas features make it an all in one solution for your digital marketing needs. You can pretty much have an in-depth analysis of any niche and make informed decisions based on the data that the tool provides.

When it comes to choosing SEMrush as your main SEO tool, I believe that it is a no brainer in terms of the value that you get in return.

You even have the option of getting started with a free account before making commitments to paying every month but it is certainly a tool that is worth the money and one that you will be able to get real value from.

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