Can You Do SEO On Wix For Free? | The do’s and don’ts


When it comes to using Wix as a website builder, it is often debated as to how effective it is for SEO and whether you can carry out your SEO strategy for free?

Wix is a platform used by a lot of start-up businesses because of its well-designed template themes that enable business owners to create websites in little time.

In this article, we will look at Wix as a platform and whether you can do SEO for free if you are using this particular website builder.

What is Wix?

  1. What is Wix?
  2. Is SEO included in Wix?
  3. How much does SEO cost on Wix?
    1. How do I enable SEO on Wix?
    2. How do I add an SEO title to Wix?
    3. How do I add Google Analytics to Wix?
  4. Do Wix sites rank on Google?
  5. How do I get traffic to my Wix website?
  6. Conclusion

Wix is a website builder that enables business owners to create websites in very little time and with very little design skill, using its easy to use drag and drop interface. 


You do not need any real web design knowledge and getting started is very simple. There are different pricing tiers for the web design packages and you can get started completely free.

Is SEO included in Wix?

There is a search engine optimisation wizard called the “Wix SEO Wiz” that provides recommendations and tips as to how you can better your SEO strategy. Wix SEO Wiz helps you to:

  • Improve your site’s SEO with simple step-by-step tutorials
  • Easily track your success with achievement updates
  • Learn more about SEO with helpful articles and videos

If you are just getting started with Wix SEO, then SEO Wiz can help you out by providing recommendations.

wix seo wiz

In terms of how well your website can be picked up by search engines through Wix, as long as you have submitted your site to Google Search Console and have set up the necessary properties such as your Google My Business and citations if you are a local business, then you will get picked up in the search results with no issues.

Wix can certainly help you implement good SEO basics such as organised site structure, optimisation of page titles and internal links which will provide your website with the foundation it needs to rank in Google.

How much does SEO cost on Wix?

A Wix SEO Pro Package package can range up to $1500 depending on what you need and the number of pages within your website.

However, there are a number of methods you can implement for free that are good for SEO and will help your organic presence without the need to pay for any SEO packages.

wix pricing plans

Adding things like meta titles and meta descriptions can be done within your page settings and you can structure your titles and internal links within the Wix content editor. Getting this right is essential to help Google understand what your page is describing and this costs nothing.

How do I enable SEO on Wix?

Every page in Wix has its own SEO settings that you will need to define when you create the page.

Wix has a guide that tells you how you can set up SEO for your pages and includes how to set up metadata, meta descriptions and everything you need to increase organic traffic to your website.

How do I add SEO title to Wix?

It is very simple to add your SEO titles to your Wix pages and there is a guide on how you can add your meta titles and descriptions to your pages.

To change page titles for your Wix website

  • Go to your page’s SEO Settings:
  • Enter the title tag under “What’s the page’s title tag” (title in search results)?.
  • Click Publish at the top right of the Editor.
change page title wix

How to change meta descriptions for your Wix website

  • Go to your page’s SEO Settings:
  • Enter the meta description under “What’s the page meta description” (description in search results)?.

Click Publish at the top right of your Editor.

How do I add Google Analytics to Wix?

Google Analytics is extremely easy to get set up on a Wix website. The dashboard allows for you to add connections to Google properties and they have created a guide as to how you can add Google Analytics to your Wix site.

Do Wix sites rank on Google?

Absolutely – Wix websites can rank in Google search results and as long as they are well structured and have good on-page SEO, then certainly, they have the potential to rank in Google.

I am often asked about how effective website builders can be and I believe that it shouldn’t really make a difference which content management system you use if you wish to rank a website in Google.

A real business that is receiving real converting traffic will eventually rank in Google if the on-page and off-page SEO strategy is executed well enough.

How do I get traffic to my Wix website?

There are a number of ways in which you can generate traffic for your website and it shouldn’t matter whether your site is built with Wix or any other website builder.

Whilst SEO is not completely free and certainly is not strictly free with Wix, there are ways that you can start to generate traffic for your website without any real cost.

Sharing on social media and drawing interest to your website is a great way for startups to start putting their name out. For bigger websites with larger budgets, investing in PR and paid marketing will also increase the reach of your website and get more eyes on your business.


To conclude whether SEO on Wix is free… if you are looking to get started for little cost, then certainly there are free ways in which you can begin to implement good SEO practices.

No SEO strategy is completely free when you have to pay for hosting, domain names, email providers as well as a whole host of other things. But certainly, good on-page and well-written content can begin to put your website on the right track.

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