Can You Do SEO On Squarespace? | The Do’s and Don’ts


While working with a Squarespace website for a client, I was asked if SEO could be done on the platform.

There are a lot of website builders that offer different functionalities and some are better suited for websites depending on what the website is offering.

In this article, we will look at Squarespace as a platform and whether or not you can do SEO effectively on Squarespace.

What is Squarespace?

  1. What is Squarespace?
  2. What is Squarespace for?
  3. Is Squarespace good for beginners?
  4. Is Squarespace OK for SEO?
  5. How do I SEO my site on Squarespace?
  6. Keyword research
  7. Quality content
  8. Organised site structure
  9. Include keywords in your metadata
  10. Link building
  11. How much does Squarespace SEO cost?
  12. Conclusion

Squarespace is an easy-to-use website builder that helps website owners build incredible sites without any coding knowledge. With just a little time, you can have the perfect site built with everything you need to start attracting business and sales.

It provides an all in one dashboard to fully manage your SEO and marketing channels. Whether it is Google Search Console to get listed 0rganically or Google Analytics to monitor your sales figures, Squarespace makes it easy to manage.

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Is Squarespace OK for SEO?

When it comes to Squarespace SEO, there is certainly ways in which you can optimise your website for search engines. All website builders have the potential to provide organic exposure for businesses as long as the platform is right for the business.

Squarespace is similar to Wix in terms of what it provides its users. It is ideal for small businesses that are looking for a basic website. Whereas, if you are a larger eCommerce website for instance, you may need to consider a platform like Shopify or WooCommerce that provides you with more of what you need to host products.

Squarespace is certainly a platform that can rank organically in Google and the dashboard makes it especially easy to connect your website to the Google properties you need to get your site listed in Google and track sales.

What is Squarespace for?

Squarespace offers a low barrier to entry in terms of its pricing and you can get started for completely free. For this reason, it makes it attractive for business owners that have little to no budget and need to get a simple website up fast. You can have very little experience and create a website using the Squarespace pre-built templates which is a reason why it is one of the more popular website builders.

Is Squarespace good for beginners?

Squarespace is certainly great for beginners and is pretty much marketed towards beginners and business owners with little web design budget. It provides a lot of guides on how to get set up and the dashboard is easy enough to understand for most people.

How do I SEO my site on Squarespace?

There are a number of ways in which you can SEO your website through Squarespace. Some of the most effective tactics you can implement include:

Keyword research

Using free and paid SEO tools such as Ahrefs and Google Search Console will allow you to carry out effective keyword research for your Squarespace site. In order to understand what pages show within search engine results, you need to look at what your competitors rank for and use keyword exploring tools to find opportunities for other variations of keywords. This will dictate the pages that you build and will enable you to potentially rank for them.

Quality content

Building well-written content for your web pages will help convert visitors to your website. It will also help you to rank organically for the phrases you are targeting on your Squarespace site and is vitally important. Check out what your competition are doing, ensure you answer questions and provide the relevant information that a customer searching for the phrase you are looking to rank for will need when they land on your page.

Organised site structure

Ensure that your main menu navigation is clear and easy to understand for both Google and visitors to your website. Make every page on your website as easy to find as possible and reduce the number of clicks that a customer would need to make when landing on your homepage.

Include keywords in your metadata

Your meta titles and descriptions can be managed easily in Squarespace and including your keywords for the corresponding pages in your metadata is essential to helping Google understand what your page is describing. It will also help your page stand out in the SERPs and improve click-through rates when it captures the eye of your potential customers.

Link building

If you are a local business that is looking to build some local presence, then building links that point at your Squarespace website will help Google understand that you are a real business. This is an extremely strong signal to show that you have a real business property presence and helps build trust.

How much does Squarespace SEO cost?

Squarespace SEO and website packages start from £10 a month and you can actually start for completely free. They offer different pricing plans depending on the level of service that you use for your website. What you pay per month or annually will really depend on what the purpose of your website is. If you are building a Squarespace site for a local business, it may be cheaper whereas if you are looking to build an eCommerce site, then you will be paying more per month.


To conclude, you can certainly optimise a Squarespace website for SEO and it may be a great solution for you if you are looking to start a small business website.

Your website builder no matter which platform you use should limit your SEO capabilities and there are certain tactics you can implement in order to maximise your organic presence.

The key thing you need to remember is that there is a real person who will be interacting with your website and understanding how they will interact with your website is essential to making it easy to use. If you are looking for any more Squarespace SEO tips, then do feel free to get in touch.

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