Are SEO Jobs In Demand? | The Truth Revealed


SEO has been around for the last 2 decades and it is becoming increasingly difficult to rank websites in Google.

As a result of this and combined with the increased number of businesses focusing their online efforts, finding SEO experts is something that every business is looking for.

In this article, we will look at the SEO industry in detail and whether SEO jobs are in significant demand?

Are SEO specialists in demand?

  1. Are SEO specialists in demand?
  2. What types of search engine optimisation jobs are out there?
    1. SEO Manager
    2. Technical SEO
    3. Social media marketing
    4. SEO analyst
    5. Content strategy
    6. Link Building
  3. Is SEO a good career?
  4. Is SEO a long term career?
  5. Will SEO exist in 5 years?
  6. Conclusion

SEO is an established industry that has been around since the dot com bubble 2 decades ago. Search engine optimisation was far easier in its infancy and you could rank websites in search engines with very little skill.

However, search engines are much more advanced than they once were and SEO professionals that understand how modern search engines work are something that is hard to come by.

For this reason, SEO specialists are certainly in demand and is a career that if you can do it well enough, can really be rewarding.

What types of search engine optimisation jobs are out there?

In terms of the search engine marketing jobs that are out there, there are many career paths that you can go down.

Some of the key SEO job roles available include:


SEO Manager

An SEO manager is a search marketing professional responsible for designing and implementing an SEO strategy within an organization. They conduct market research and help understand what is needed to rank for a particular phrase.

Technical SEO

A technical SEO expert works under the hood of a website, helping understand the technical aspects of a website, such as crawl ability, site architecture, loading speed and various other technical website factors.

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Social media marketing

A Social Media Marketing Specialist is responsible for defining, developing and incorporating a social media marketing strategy that will be optimal to their business or brand’s needs. They accomplish this by determining which platforms are right in terms of time spent on them and what kind of content can best generate interest from followers.

SEO analyst

SEO analysts are responsible for helping an organisation increase the number of people viewing their website by analysing data on performance and staying up-to-date with the ever-changing trends of their particular market.

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Content strategy

Content strategists are responsible for the development and delivery of content strategies that meet business objectives within a project based on customer needs. They oversee creative requirements, as well as all aspects of production such as writing copy to graphic creation.

Is SEO a good career?

Search engine optimisation is certainly a career where there is significant opportunities for growth. It can be a complex field to understand as a newcomer but in terms of the future, it is going to be a job role that is around for a long time.

It is a career that can be very rewarding both personally and for whoever it may be that you work for. It gives you a highly desirable skill that a lot of businesses are now looking for.

Your SEO career can potentially be a long one if you get started. There are so many different avenues that you can go down and the opportunities are endless.

Is SEO a long term career?

I believe that SEO is still very much in its infancy and is something that is going to be around for a long time. Google relies on the work that SEO’s do as it not only helps their crawlers understand pages easier but also makes the user experience far better in the search results.

Ideally, Google wants the best results to show first and this takes a lot of time and skill to be able to mix everything that is needed in order to rank a site.

It is far more difficult to rank a website nowadays and Google’s algorithm is forever changing. If it is something you are interested in, I would certainly recommend getting in now whilst there are still many opportunities for you out there.

Will SEO exist in 5 years?

Regarding the future of SEO, it is not likely that this practice will be eliminated within five years. In fact, there have been recent changes in both social media and search engine partnerships which indicate an increasing possibility for the merging of platforms.

Whilst Google will continue to evolve the way it crawls websites, there is still definitely going to be a demand for SEO professionals. I believe that SEO is here for the long run and an SEO career path is something that will be highly valuable for years to come.

Other marketing channels like PPC and social media are certainly going to continue to rise in importance too. However, I still strongly believe that Google search will remain one of the main channels for customers to find and enquire about online businesses.


To conclude, SEO jobs are certainly still in demand and if you are looking for a career in search engine optimisation, i would certainly recommend getting started sooner rather than later.

It is becoming far more competitive than ever before to rank organically in Google and businesses are constantly on the lookout for the best within their industry.

Whether it is a digital marketing agency looking for a specialist or a business looking to hire someone internally, the demand for SEO remains.

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